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Nemo3D is a broadcast CG application based on real time 3D graphics. It is designed to  produce high quality broadcast graphics in a live broadcast environment and for post production. Moreover, it can be easily adapted for practically any kind of special broadcast graphics task (quiz shows, call tv games, sports, weather forecasts,  election graphics, etc.) Also, and this is something probably anyone interested likes to hear: we are redefining the term 'affordable' used to advertise most similar products without really meaning it. We do mean it.

If you are familiar with any 3D broadcast graphics solutions currently on the market, it should be enough to take a look at the following list highlighting the features available in Nemo3D to pique your interest >>>>

The current version of Nemo3D is 3.5.1 (most recent build: 05.20.2016). Click here to see what is new in this release >>>>




Our new product focusing on sports graphics and named NSport has been released. A single application that can provide high quality broadcast graphics for many different kinds of sports. It can read from various database formats and interface with scoreboards and timing devices.

Once again, a major new version of Nemo3D is released to make its debut at this year's IBC show.

As usual, there is a new version of Nemo3D just in time to make its debut at this year's IBC show.

Nemo 3D 3.3 has been released today. You can download the demo version to check it out for yourself.

You can find us at IBC2013 at the same place in Hall 7 (7G05). You can register for free until August 21 by using our Exhibitor Customer Code 16999.

A big thank you for everyone coming to our booth at IBC 2012. Attendance was easily bigger than ever. By the end of the show, we ran out of printed material. It was sort of embarrassing but also very satisfying.

In addition to the .net class library included with dual channel licenses of Nemo3D, there is a new sport interface application (made for football, of course) based on the library to demonstrate how easy it is to develop for Nemo3D.

To coincide with IBC 2012, we offer all versions of Nemo3D at 20% off list prices until September 30 for all new customers.

We will return to IBC this year to meet old and new clients and show what we have been up to this year. Come and meet us at Hall 7, booth 7.G05. You can also use our customer ticket number 16999 to gain free entry to the exhibition. Click here to register!

V3.2 gets its debut with a completely reworked user interface, new and powerful ways to edit and fine tune objects.

V3.1.2. is being released today in both 32-bit and native 64-bit versions.

V3.1.1 marks the release of the first native 64-bit version of Nemo3D and also the last version that is ever going to be released for the aging Windows XP.

Nemo3D V3.1
is being released today and is going to be showcased at IBC 2011 next month. This is a major new release with new modelling and shape drawing tools and lots of improvements to the unique dual channel rendering engine. You can check it out at IBC 2011, booth 3A26,  9-13 September.

Nemo3D V3.0 is making its debut at NAB 2011 next month offering, amongst others, unique dual channel operation. In 3D, and yes, still real time! Come visit our booth in the lower
South Hall (SL7724) from 11.04 - 14.04. Get a free exhibition only pass with our VIP code LV1236.

Nemo3D 2.7 is released, featuring among others completely renewed 2D (texture based) text rendering and 3D spline based path objects for animated diagrams and spline based complex animations for other objects.

A new and updated version 2.61 is available for download. See the release notes for details.

The new Nvidia GTX460 is not yet supported due to probably a bug in its Cg compiler. Also after new tests with current AMD 5xxx cards reveal that although they work with Nemo3D, their use is still problematic therefore not recommended.

Development of Nemo3D never stops for a moment: our new release (2.6) offers a redesigned edit&playback interface, much improved workflow and lots of new features. Click here to see more >>>>

Coinciding with the upcoming NAB Show we are pleased to announce Nemo3D V2.5 Special Edition for budget conscious customers. Slight reduction in features but huge reduction in price. An irresistible choice that can be upgraded to the full version at any time.

Nemo3D V2.5 is going to NAB 2010! You can find us in Hall S1, booth SL4514N. See you in Las Vegas from April 12-15.

We are proud to announce the newest version of Nemo3D. V2.5 adds lots of new features, support for the new lines of cards from Bluefish and a completely redesigned playout application.

Nemo3D is moving full steam ahead. V2.1 adds support for input from GPI or serial ports, real time display of RSS feeds and particle based special effects.

After months of hard work, Nemo3D V2 is finally finished. It offers highly advanced, ultra-fast shader-based rendering, real time reflections, soft shadows, bump mapping, real displacement mapping and a lot of advanced features you cannot expect from competing products costing ten times as much or more.

You can download the trial version of Nemo3D V2 any time from the download page.

Nemo3d is now capable of handling two independent video inputs simultaneously with the DVS Centaurus II video board.

Nemo3D is now compatible with Windows Vista:

Because of Microsoft's decision to abandon XP in favour of Vista, it may be getting more and more difficult to purchase an XP licence. Although Nemo3D works at least as well in XP, we worked hard to make it Vista-compatible sooner than we originally planned.

Although the new AMD (ATI) cards (4850 and 4870) offer very impressive parameters, due to AMD's usually less than perfect OpenGl implementations, we still prefer nVidia cards.

nVidia presented the first two members of its new line of GPUs, the GTX280 and GTX260. For single-GPU applications, a 40-60% increase in speed can be expected.

Added support for reading database tables in Nemo3D. All databases with ODBC drivers are supported, SQL querys can be set at design time and in NemoPlay, too.